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Our Strategy Defined

We believe in active marketing and agent participation. We don’t deal in “set it and forget it” solutions or systems that don’t require any effort. Our offerings require the agent to actively market their properties, thus demonstrating to their clients that they do more for their clients than just the "standard" marketing.

We specialize in three basic functions:

We market and promote your listings. If you have listings, you need to show them as widely as possible. We offer a free platform to market your listings to home-buyers in Canada. Why is it free? It actually is not, there is an exchange of value. You provide quality listings to make our system bigger and better, we provide eyes-on target for you. It's a fair exchange.


We provide ways for you to prospect for buying and selling clients. We specialize in listing client acquisition and retention. We have innovative ways of accessing new opportunities as well as imprinting uyour brand on your market area. This is a paid service and is designed to convert into real commission dollars for you.


We design web-based marketing tools to assist you on the web and to impress clients. Our tools look great in the listing presentation to help you win that next listing with advanced technology and the promise of better syndication. We have all-sorts of tools and are always developing more. Many are free


Display Unique / Exclusive Listings
Fully Responsive To Different Devices
Stand-out from the local / brokerage crowd

From Simple to Custom

We have free solutions for assisting in the marketing of your clients’ property. We also have solutions which integrate straight into your current marketing in a few minutes. We provide custom solutions for individuals who want a powerhouse Internet presence to their own specifications.

All our systems are designed to demonstrate and deliver value/benefit in the listing presentation. Better marketing gets more listing clients, more listings increases your brand and thus, your sales and income.


Since 2007 and $-billions in Canadian realty listings, we have been providing tech-savvy, market-leading solutions to agents across Canada. We’ve always been about the “listing agent” - believing that superior marketing is the best way to sell more property, attract more listing clients and demonstrate real advantage in a crowded market.
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