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Exclusive Listings Catalogue

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Sometimes, listings are not on the “board” website. Sometimes, depending on the listing agreement, you are limited to where and how you can market your clients’ property. Of course, your website is a natural place, but many reps and brokers look for ways to display their unique, exclusive listings in a portfolio. Enter our FREE […]

When To Post Your Home For Sale On Facebook

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There are a lot of social sites out there and they all want you as a user. Facebook is the largest as we all know and most people seem to have a Facebook account these days. You probably have a Facebook page for your real estate business. If you don’t – well, maybe you should […]

RSS Home Listing Feeds – How and Why?

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Talk to a techie and they might say “RSS is dead”. Well, not so much! It can be of great use in real estate marketing. Firstly, let’s define RSS in a way that makes sense. RSS is a format for data designed to enable it be shared easily. It’s a way that websites and blogs can format […]