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Why Are We Showing Other Agents’ Listings?

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For some reason, agents have been talked into showing every listing available on their website through IDX or another technology. On the surface, the logic seems sound enough: display as many options as you can to attract buyers. There are those who benefit from this logic. Certainly brokerages leverage individual agent dollars to promote their […]

The QR Code (QRC) For Real Estate Marketing.

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There are those (usually techies) that say the QR code is dead or dying – they could not be more wrong – we’ll get to that in a minute.  A QR (Quick Response) code (also called a QRC) is basically a barcode which can be used to make your smartphone do things – like open […]

Do You Need An App or a Web App?

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Sometimes, buzzwords make us think we need something when we may not. With that in mind, let’s look at the word “App” – something that may reps and brokers say “I need one of those”. App is short for “application” and refers to a program usually downloaded from a store (Windows, Android, Apple, BB etc.) […]