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Do You Need An App or a Web App?

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real estate web app for mapping listings

Sample of the mapping app for agents

Sometimes, buzzwords make us think we need something when we may not. With that in mind, let’s look at the word “App” – something that may reps and brokers say “I need one of those”.

App is short for “application” and refers to a program usually downloaded from a store (Windows, Android, Apple, BB etc.) to your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

An “app” can usually work by itself, even in some limited way, without being connected to the Internet. Many apps however need the Internet to work properly. An app is something that if not used often, gets ignored or deleted from the device. 

A “web-app” is really a website which runs on your mobile browser, designed to look like an app. It often performs the same function. It resides on the Internet (like your webpage).

When looking into getting an app or web-app, consider the following.

1. Apps need to be programmed in individual languages, meaning you need one for Android, another for Apple, another for Windows etc. etc. and this gets costly.

2. App developments costs are usually more than web-apps.

3. You only need one web-app which (if it’s made right) will run on everything, even laptops etc..

4. You only have to maintain one web-app whereby you need to update and maintain all your “apps:” individually.

5. Apps reside on the (phone’s) home screen sometimes (not always). Web-apps reside in the browser but can be bookmarked to the home screen like an app.

6. Web-apps work with QR codes which can be used very efficiently. For more on QR code marketing, click here.

7. Web-apps can be auto-linked to your website – meaning that if someone lands on your website using their smartphone, it can ask them “Do you want the smartphone web-app or the basic site” – making the function seamless

8. As a web-app connects seamlessly to your website, there’s no need to dilute your marketing dollars with other resources – simply promote your site and you automatically promote your web-app.

As you may see, we favour web apps. Whilst they don’t hae the sex-appeal of actual apps, their costs are orders-of-magnitude lower, their functions similar and they are easy to incorporate into your marketng.

Our mapping/listing web-app is here – take a look.

For more information (including all sorts of techie terms and acronyms), see this Wiki: