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Why Are We Showing Other Agents’ Listings?

IlistIt Admin / 0 comments

For some reason, agents have been talked into showing every listing available on their website through IDX or another technology. On the surface, the logic seems sound enough: display as many options as you can to attract buyers.

There are those who benefit from this logic. Certainly brokerages leverage individual agent dollars to promote their entire portfolio of business. Other central listing systems also benefit from these free outlets (your website) as they tie a user into their system and decide what’s shown, how, when and where. It’s great to get other people to pay for your marketing.

For a new agent, a buyer-only agent or someone who just doesn’t do much business, this seems like a good idea as it populates a site with content, when there really isn’t much. If this describes your current situation, marketing plan or business strategy, then these systems may fit you – but if you are are successful, have good listings and opportunities – why are you advertising everyone elses’ stuff?

Make no mistake, buyers knows how to find multiple listings – they don’t need your website to do it. After spending your hard-earned money on getting web traffic, it seems a little crazy to offer information they probably already got at the largest realty website in Canada – you know the one.

Now, let’s look at where you may earn a good portion of your money – listing clients, right? What are we saying to them when a search on our website shows everything – not focuses on them? “Hey Bob – thanks for the 6% listing but I have 320 of someone else’s listings on my site – I guess yours’ll get found eventually”. Hmmmm.

It’s our humble opinion that if someone contracts an agent (you) to market their listing, it makes sense that your (and their) money, time and resources are spent on that listing – not trying to “attract everyone to anything I can possibly sell”.

Finally, what about exclusive and custom listings – the ones that don’t necessarily fit into the “square box” that is the standard? What happens when you want to do something a little different, innovative and proactive, in order to demonstrate your advantage?

We think listing is the best strategy, marketing those listings (and demonstrating this value) is paramount and whoever does this the best, get’s to grow their business. We provide free listing marketing, great real estateĀ web-apps and customized sites to achieve this end.