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When To Post Your Home For Sale On Facebook

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facebook-like-logoThere are a lot of social sites out there and they all want you as a user. Facebook is the largest as we all know and most people seem to have a Facebook account these days.

You probably have a Facebook page for your real estate business. If you don’t – well, maybe you should – it’s free and there are over a billion of us with accounts!

With all this traffic though, when is the best time to post a clients’ property to Facebook? When will a posting of a home for sale be shown to the most people?

The answer, based on the article and infographic from Fannit (available here) is:

  • Weekdays – 6am – 8am and 2pm – 5pm.
  • Weekends – not at all!

So that’s the answer (according to the Fannit data) and it makes some sense. Most people check their phones/tablets in the morning before heading off to work, whilst on the train, bus or commute. Part way through the day, people are curious what’s going-on and “check-in”, hence the 2-5 sign-ins (although I suspect this time is driven by school kids too).

So our advice is to post at 7AM Tuesdays and Thursdays – catching the adults before their day starts, avoiding Mondays and Fridays when minds are on other things.

It’s also worth noting that facebook page reach has recently been severely reduced (meaning less people see your post) in favour of promoted posts and paid ads. So if you’re really serious about people seeing a particular property, throw $5-$10 at it and see what sort of distribution you get (how many people saw the post – which Facebook tells you). A good article on that is here – scroll down a bit to the graph)


Note: The facebook logo belongs to facebook – obviously – and having to post things like this is a bit silly, but there you go.