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A Totally Free, Simple, Optimized, “Right Now” website Solution For Real Estate Agents

Sometimes, you don’t want what the same thing as everyone else you are competing with. Sometimes, you want a resource of your own.


Display Unique / Exclusive Listings
Fully Responsive To Different Devices
Stand-out from the local / brokerage crowd

All listings entered in our system can be viewed on a free, white-label (non-branded) site you are welcome to use.

Viewing Stats
Simple to update
Syndicated with our broadcast sites like, and more.


To get yours, simply Log-In or Sign-Up, enter your listings and get going.


Q – What are the main uses of this system?
A – It can be used as an add-on, mobile-ready system to compliment your existing website (perhaps it’s not mobile ready or as “pretty” as you would like – or – a complete site – or – anything in-between.

Q – Why is this free?
A – Our model, since 2003, has been to supply easy, free listing marketing. We have (paid) upgrades if you want (techie name for this is “freemium” service)

Q – Can this be an entire website? Can I have a domain name like “” and show this?
A – Sure. You can connect a domain easily if you have one. We can show you how. Domains are easy to get and inexpensive (try, www.netfirms,ca etc.)

Q – Can I get more features
A – Of course – pay for what you need. Just ask and we’ll add it or build it for you.

Q – Do you have IDX import?
A – Nope. We (and your clients) figure it’s a part of your valuable service to market properties as widely as you can, so spending 2-3 minutes to enter a listing probably won’t be a hardship. We have some agents with 90+ listings on our system – that’s dedication to marketing! Also, duplicating IDX content has issues for SEO and marketing. Besides, do you really want every listing identical – you’re a creative seller – right?

Q – Do you have support?
A – Yes, by email for free products – phone for paid.

Q – I have more questions!
A – Awesome – contact us now and see what we can do for you.



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