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Top-Teir, Mobile Optimized Network Sites & Apps

This growing list of sites are specifically optimized for Google, having fully responsive (mobile-optimized) design, specialized tech and coding to adhere with all Google search rules and practices.


Some sellers want agent-exclusivity and added listing privacy. Some agents work only with exclusive listings. This is where larger listing systems may not be a good fit and alternatives are needed.

Many buyers browse sites you may not be promoting on. Some Internet users frequent search systems you don’t know about. The Internet is a big place and not everyone searches and researches the same way. Another great reason to broaden your sales and marketing funnel.

Over 1,000 reps and brokers have used our system to syndicate their listings.

Many times, an over-populated marketplace can obscure listings people want to find. Other times, a property doesn’t fit into a rigid listing structure or category.

List your exclusive and unique properties for free, get exposure to new buyers and page-view statistics to show to your listing client. It’s no-nonsense marketing that works on every level.


Demonstrate YOUR Marketing Advantage!

Syndicate widely to attract buyers. Collect page-view stats for your listing client.
Included: Your Own Free, Mobile-Ready White-Label Catalogue:  CLICK HERE
Included: Your Own Free, Mobile Mapping System:  CLICK HERE

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Quick Q&A

Can I enter board/other listed properties?
Absolutely, we don’t restrict you – list whatever you like – you’re a professional and know what works. Our users are primarily interested in those listings that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Why is it free?
Great listings help us provide a great system for buyers. We don’t charge you to add awesome, shareable and interesting content -why would we – plus there’s enough people in agents’ pockets already (we know!)

We do have upgrades but not for listings. Our upgrade packages provide agent branding and marketing – they advertise you!

Do you charge for extra images and upgrades?
No – you get 20 images and as much info as you can fit – why would we restrict good buyer information?

Is there a way to auto-load my properties from other places?
No. Craft your listing to each resource for better results. Identical replication of online information hurts your marketing in several ways. Listing takes 3-5 minutes. Our syndication is done to avoid any replicated information issues.