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Mobile Opportunities

Mobile phone browsing is skyrocketing. More people look for information on their phones every day. You want to leverage these buyers but – even more – you want to provide better apps, tools and experiences.

Your mobile presence should properly map properties. It should allow one-touch contact by phone direct to you. It should allow the seamless browsing and sharing of properties. Sharing should be encouraged, not hidden away in tabs and buttons – it should be right there!

Our mobile app is – in a word – awesome. It can stand-alone, attach to your current website or be integrated into one of our custom website solutions.

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Seller & Buyer Benefit

Not only do you provide an immediate vehicle to get more people looking at your listings, but you have a tool to demonstrate marketing excellence to your seller also.

It’s about being able to say “I employ new tech. I use the latest tools. I offer better ways to sell your home”.

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