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The QR Code (QRC) For Real Estate Marketing.

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There are those (usually techies) that say the QR code is dead or dying – they could not be more wrong – we’ll get to that in a minute. 

A QR (Quick Response) code (also called a QRC) is basically a barcode which can be used to make your smartphone do things – like open a webpage for example. It can do other things, but for now, we are concentrating on that – using a QRC to open a web-app.


You need an app to scan a QRC. Many phones have one built-in or users download them form their app store. Search for “QR reader” or “QRC” and you’ll get loads of options.

Why do we need QRC’s then? Simply, typing on a phone is a pain and if you can just scan something with the phone’s camera, it’s easier. That’s it – pretty simple – it’s faster and easier than typing things.

QRC’s are instantly recognizable as “scan me and I’ll do something” to most smartphone users. This means if you put a QRC on say, a for-sale sign or a print ad, people would know they can scan that QRC to get more information.

That’s why QRC’s are not dead – people know what they do. There’s cooler tech that can recognize things, communicate with your phone etc. but normal people don’t know them, don’t use them and don’t (yet) care about them. For QRC’s, the education is done for you.

A QRC takes a square inch in print or a few in a sign and turns that medium into a responsive service for the user. You can provide communication, images, info, service and all-sorts – all by adding a QRC.

Why aren’t you doing it? In one inch, you turn anything into a full-service experience. You can put QRC’s on your card, ads, signs, banners, bus stops, door hangars, mailers, magnets – whatever!

For a working example of our mapping/listing web-app, scan the QRC here or click on this link for more. It enables you to have one QRC for all your signs, auto-directs the user to the right location, promotes all your listings and much more.

We can make anything into a web-app. For more on this, click here.

For more technical info on QRC’s, see this Wiki: