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RSS Home Listing Feeds – How and Why?

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Talk to a techie and they might say “RSS is dead”. Well, not so much! It can be of great use in real estate marketing.

Several listings piped-into a newsreader on

Several listings piped-into a newsreader on

Firstly, let’s define RSS in a way that makes sense. RSS is a format for data designed to enable it be shared easily. It’s a way that websites and blogs can format information to be read on “newsreader” websites or apps like Feedly, Pulse, FeedDemon and even MS Outlook.

What’s a “newsreader” app or website? Well, let’s say you read news from CNN, CBC, BBC as well as a couple of blogs every day. You have to go to each website and view the new stories right? Wrong! You get an RSS reader (I like “Pulse” for newbies) and tell it to subscribe to the “feeds” from these sites. By using “RSS” the reader (Pulse) auto-loads the new stories form multiple sources – like a super-magazine.

That’ it – a newsreader aggregates (grabs from multiple sources and serves them up in one place) for you. So – what if you could offer feeds of your listings? What if, when I am reading my CBC ssports, I also see your listing pop-into my (as a buyer) newsfeed?

Part of the network is – and yes, it’s specifically designed for RSS syndication of your listings. Give it a try –

Naturally, any listing on the network is automatically made available – so if you enter your listing, you already use this tech – nice eh!

So why is “RSS Dead” as the techies like to say? Google shut it’s popular RSS reader (did the same job as Pulse) down in mid 2013 for reasons nobody can fathom and they probably regret it. LinkedIn bought Pulse for $100-million not long after and Feedly gained a million new users – so RSS far from dead. Another case of why we don’t always listed to the techies – they understand tech, not business.

As a buyer, you can sign-up for great listing info automatically piped-into your reader using HomeBuyerAlert. As an agent, you don’t  need to know how or why you need RSS. You do need to know that millions of people get their web content and news this way and being able to offer marketing using this tech lifts you above the competition.



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