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Power Your Listings – On Your Site

Too often, agents are persuaded to show all board listings on their own site. We believe to is folly to spend your money promoting someone else’s listing.


Surely, your (listing) clients expect the focus of your marketing to be on their listings. It’s all fine to provide a way to look at all available listings (which is not actually correct, no one resource lists everything) but the main drive of the people you pay to get to your website should be to your listings.

Most WordPress systems come with plugins for listings but ours is tailor-made for Canadian listings. When you enter your listings in iListIt, you get full syndication, mobile web apps, listing catalogues and also you can update your own website. This is more efficient and more targeted than a stand-alone system.

The plugin is free. Most users want it installed for them which is a one-time fee. This includes integration into your existing site as well as some customization. Of course, if you want a full website, we would be delighted to provide one – click here